Free Enterprise
CEFE, Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, initiates education research and program-training development for individuals, schools and skills training institutions. The Center works with Governments, profit and nonprofit organization's to create, organize and install custom designed multiple education opportunities for employees and vendor service organizations that contracting governmental organizations require of vendor supported services to various  government agencies. This includes training suggested or required by the US Department of Labor to assure agencies or organizations contracting with government provided services are being met under the guidelines required by municipal, county, state and Federal Agencies. CEFE has designed speciality certification programs in Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Investments, Marketing, Publishing, Small Business Gig Opportunities, Organization Development, Mixed Reality(Virtual and Augmented) Internal Development, Freedom Philosophy, Public Relations, Information Systems Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Communications, Social Networking,  and Bitcoin Administration.
CEFE was born in 1996 as a doctoral research cyber-based project originated by Dr. Fred DiUlus at the Union Institute & University. As Chair of the University's Learner Council, the Union's student body elected representatives and student representative on the University Council as representative before the US Department of Education, the Ohio Board of Regents and the Higher Learning Council of the North Central Accreditation Association.
CEFE was the first cyber-based (online) non profit education and training institution ever established in North America debuting online in 1998. Created the Global Academy in 2000 and was integrated into it in 2002 as a non profit operating division and "think tank".
CEFE  Fellowships are awarded to accomplished and skilled individuals willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure on a pro-bono basis to consult and teach public and private organizations within their sphere of influence and skills which they possess so that others whom they influence and teach may, indeed, "pay it forward".
CEFE Fellows demonstrate a  dedicated passion to the elimination of ignorance through hands on education that in turn enables individuals and communities to overcome poverty, support themselves, their families and their communities through globally directed online training provided by the Center's Fellows.


CEFE promotes international economic development at the grass roots level.