1. In what Country do you attend school?

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2. Are you an American citizen?

3. Are you Religious?

4. At what level of education are you?   

5. Do you take over 50% of classes on-ground vs. online?

6. What is your Gender?

7. Are you on Active Duty and/or a Veteran of Military Service?

8. Have you ever known a student or students who cheated on an exam?

9. Do Businesses deliberately deceive the public to sell products and services?

10. If given the opportunity, do you think some students you have known would cheat to get better grades (copy someone’s work - get help on exams, etc)?

11. If there was absolutely no way to get caught, would you use prior knowledge of exam questions to get a better grade?

      A. Would you do it if it meant you would pass or fail the course?
     B. Would you do it if it meant you would keep your grade point average up?

12. Do you think foreign (non American) businesses are more ethical , less ethical or about the same on the ethics scale as US business?

13. Do you think American Business is ethical?

14. Does American business as a whole deal ethically with the public?

15. Of the following who do you believe lies the most to the public?

16. Do you believe Ethics can be taught?

17. Should students be required to take Ethics courses? (This includes Character Education and Values training)

     A. If so, when should it begin?

       B. Regardless of where ethics and morality is taught, who should always be the primary Instructor?

18. Is America on the brink of Moral collapse?

19. Would you do whatever it takes to keep your future business from failing -- Even if it meant doing unethical things?

20. Do you believe America should be the moral conscience of the world? (Fair play, equal opportunity, rights of women and children, freedom of religion, free speech, regime change for democracy)

 21. Are Americans obligated then to teach the world that all men and women everywhere have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

22. As the world's most powerful and free nation in recorded history, many suggest within and without the USA that it is our moral obligation to interfere in despotic and beligerent nations who have little regard for their own people's freedom and rights. It is therefore, our moral obligation to help others less fortunate in the world to enjoy and experience the freedom our founders believed was a God given right rather than the exception? 

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