First of its Kind
A Total Volunteer Non Profit Contributor
Launched online in September 1996 and officially released in March 1997 CEFE is the first online cyber-based, non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship, freedom and ethics. CEFE has had over 3/4's of a million  individuals and organization visits from 193 nations, international religious organizations, and principalities. CEFE Fellows are charged to lead community programs and advocacy around the world. CEFE Fellows contribuite their time, talent, and energy as volunteers in order to make the world by their example a more peaceful, ethical and prosperous place to live and work in every corner of the world. 
Is it probable? Yes but most fearful critics would venture ro offer "probably not". Is it possible? Absolutely! Perhaps not in our lifetimes but as St. Mother Teresa offered to the American Congress "...if we do good to one another, the peace will come." And with the peace will come the compassion to help and serve one another. 


The Ethics Surveys were developed by CEFE to demonstrate that students, working Americans and individuals from all walks of life fom around the world have little or no confidence in the ETHICS of American or international states or global insttutiions.
According to CEFE research, the vEdit Textast majority of the American Public, in particular (over 80%) believes ethics should be taught in schools from  grade school to grad school. This same group overwhelmingly by an identical percentage believes Ethics should be continued well into the workplace and community. The only nations that absolutely require this were states religion is the dominating force within the political landscape.

CEFE ongoing surveys reveal the strong public interests and attitude of a global public, regarding entrepreneurship, freedom and Ethics with the moral posture demanded of a nation's dominating economic system; a free market or planned system.
Finding The Moral Antidote: