An Invitation to Earn
CEFE Fellowship


CEFE Fellowships are reserved for volunteers who are considered experts in their discipline, field or life's work and passionately desire to share that skill with the global community, not only in their own country of origin but in those other nations where their expertise may be in short supply or non-existent.


Your choice to seek CEFE Fellowship and become a CEFE Fellow permits you the opportunity to personally help guide and develop your own training models. These models can be entirely constructed by you or adapted from others for further development in other communities around the world.

CEFE  offers Fellows excellent conduits for project funding and grant development for local projects designed for communities where economic development is critical to the community's ethical development within the Community's social fabric and operational infrastructure.

 Micro business development is a distinct specialty of CEFE fellows. CEFE Fellows are prepared to assist individuals, organizations and communities who otherwise might never have the opportunity to break out of the circle of poverty, poor economic development, nor possess the ability to break the yoke of dependence for many of its citizens. CEFE Fellows find and implement those economic forces and opportunities that grow and develop communities to prosper throughout the 21st century.

Obtaining a CEFE Fellowship requires a completion of CEFE's Fellowship Application and a review of you experience and objectives of what you would like to accomplish as a CEFE Fellow. Certificate training is available free to CEFE Fellows who do not possess a certificate in either Entrepreneurship or Ethics. These advanced programs are provided as part of the CEFE Fellowship to hone Fellow skills and professionalism in Entrepreneurship, Character, Ethics, and Values as well as the Freedom Philosophy.