Epidemic Ethics Violations

I have long been transfixed with the idea that a lot of well meaning folks talk about ethics constantly. They talk about it in business, education or what-have-you but few really practice exercising those alleged values they espouse they believe with a passion as though they have been relieved of any responsibility and therefore it is somebody else's job to mind the store of morality.
During the past 20 years the Center for Entrepreneurship, freedom and Ethics (CEFE.org) has rarely seen much effort made by individuals or institutions to ignite either ethical behavior or cooperative accountability in business, government, or education. Mostly, there has been just lip-service. After all these years of so-called "awareness" and "diversity" training, and issues of local, national and international concern brought to the light one after the other followed all too frequently with no consequences or blanket citizen indictment to beg to have it remedied. We all have observed there is plenty of no action talk to go around as the bulls have the run of the China Shop.

Academics, politicians and executives playing the "we are ethical" game have studied and talked about ethics incessantly; how they believe in it, how their organizations choose to live it; and how they want to train their management and staff employees in ethics and character development. Unfortunately, precious few have stepped outside their comfy zone and proven to actually live the talk or walk the walk. 

Most Americans and much of the world have witnessed first hand ethical breeches of unimaginable proportions from the slaying and genocide of innocent people in the Middle East to the genocide of those on display around the world who don't cow tow to a particular interpretation of a holy book or one people from the same nation killing each other with abandon and engaging in using heinous weapons like Serin gas to achieve their ends. These disgusting human beings reign death down on an unsuspecting public of unimaginable proportions. When is enough enough? When do we say "that's it"?

Public breaches in the betrayal of humanity do not come from those who 'didn't know they didn't know.' Rather, the violators of human life came from organizations and  individuals who lead them who 'did know and didn't'  put a cap on it and continue to refuse to respond to the outcries of even their enemies to cease the butchery  and to ignore the 'right to life' every human being  allegedly possesses and to be shared for the welfare of all.

In recent years ethical crises, one after another, have spread like wildfire. Those in higher education, business, science, the professions, government, and even the alleged esteemed and impartial 'fourth estate', the press and media, have fallen prey. Each in its own way has become immune ethical excess and breaches left and right and find in their attempts to be fair and all things to all people that they have indeed left their moral fiber hanging on the hook. Is is a bungled and morally bankrupt catastrophe. Fear of being biased to those who are completely biased and are impervious to being civil find they one by one by one fall into the pit of mind-numbing ethical excess and the public betrayal we call "HELL".

Fred DiUlus, PhD

Author of The Practice of Ethics

The Failed Role of Academia                           Leaders Fail Ethics 101