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  • Did you know that 70% of all high school students cheat in school and that the statistic has remained relatively the same for the last two decades?

    Did you know that 80% of all college students also cheat yet consider business to be the most unethical profession right behind that of politicians?

    Did you know that most legislators, statewide and national are Lawyers?

    Did you know that the accounting profession does not believe it is unethical to provide audited financial statements for public disclosure of companies they audit even though the same companies are the ones that pay them, influence them, and give them work to do?

    Did you know that the financial industry does not believe it is unethical to manage your money full time and also sell their investment products to you that they recommended? They do not, as the accountants do not, see a
     conflict of interest.

    Did you know that no other industry other than the United States Congress provides a complete and vested retirement package after only two years of service plus free medical coverage for life?

    Did you know that many in the US Congress don't live in the districts that elected them?