AND How Do You Make Ethical Decisions?
Select from among two answers provided for each question.
Answer all questions and pick the answer that more closely comes closest to your position.
Answering all questions will provide you with a more accurate indicator of whether you are indeed a MUG WUMP. 
This is an excellent evaluation of how much you have in common with co-workers, employees and the public in general.


1. A persons actions should be described in terms of being:

2. When making an ethical decision, one should pay attention to:

3. Solutions to ethical problems are usually:

4. It is of more value to societies to:

5. When thinking through ethical problems, I prefer to:

6. When people disagree over ethical matters, I strive for:

7. Uttering a falsehood is wrong because:

8. Thinking of occupations I would rather be:

9. I would rather be known as a person who:

10. The aim of science should be:

11. Whether a person is a liar is:

12. A nation should pay more attention to its:

13. It is more important to be:

14. Unethical behavior is best described as:

15. The purpose of government should be:

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The Mug Wump survey is a fun and easy analysis used to determine how individuals really make ethical decisions. The results are helpful in understanding both the friction and cooperation we may encounter from those around us including family, friends, employees, supervisors and business associates. If we can possibly get them to take the survey, well then, it gives us an inside track on how they view our moral compass as well.

There are NO right or wrong answers. The combination of the answers determine what side of two major ethical theories we may personally lean in our direction making most of the time. If we somehow do not fall strictly on one side or the other, then we fall into that great category of peace makers called MUG WUMPS --these are the ones who can look at arguments from both sides of these competing ethical theories and choose the one that best suits the situation.