What is an Entrepreneur

To label someone an entrepreneur has not always been met as a compliment. Suggesting for example that someone is an entrepreneur has long been perceived that they are a risk taker. More than a few indiviuals have been beaten out of a promotion in the workplace because they were referred to as entrepreneurs. In actuality that is precisely the person who should have been promoted since the indivual who was satisfied with the status quo would have been reassigned or at worst, fired by the entrepreneur. Self preservation takes on many forms. Here are some definitions you may want to know.


The ability to make something out of nothing.


An Undertaker: the one who imagines it, creates it, and puts it to work." Also "anyone who fails, regroups, stands up, and tries again is far more likely to earn the title, if for no other reason than by sheer perseverance.


Doing things most perceive entrepreneurs would do or taking risks they perceive they would never take whether they were actually risks or not.


A true entrepreneur. One who is '"transformational." You can't miss them although there are many mid-level transactional types who would wish they, the entrepreneurs in their midst, were non-existent. The transactional types can best be described as the "go along to get along" methodical and by and large, methodical manager. Make no mistake, there is a place for them particularly when an organization just wants to hold down the fort, make as few waves as possible, and protect the status quo. The days of that organization, however, are numbered unless that leader surrounds himself/herself with trusted and loyal entrepreneurs. An outstanding transactional leader knows such value.


The art & science of doing entrepreneurial things.

Ethical Entrepreneurship? 

The new reality.

Who can be an Entrepreneur?  

Anyone, absolutely anyone.