CEFE Programs to Fit Special Needs

Community Activism and Character Training
This extraordinary values based program is the result of extensive research developed under the sponsorship of a blue-ribbon steering committee in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, leading to city and county wide adoption. It was further refined through academic conference presentations and peer reviews at annual conferences over th past 16 years.
The Study of the Future
To anticipate the future for your organization and how it may affect your success and continued survival is absolutely essential. In today's complex and fluid environment, CEFE helps prepare organizations  for the future and we can help prepare yours. Contact us today.

Motivational Coaching
The CEFE Coaching program is for small to medium sized business and non-profit organizations who desire to move and improve the individual performance of the employees and supervisors as well as top management. In order to realize organizational  potential, participants participate in the design of the training to maximize what is needed to improve overall performance and satisfaction across the entire spectrum of employee participation from top to bottom.

Corporate Training Programs

CEFE.org designs programs to meet demanding needs of displaced employees being furloughed,  downsized, or asked to take early retirement. Programs include proprietary programs in Financial Survival and How To Create, Start, and Succeed in Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Workplace Effectiveness

The programs above were developed originally by CEFE Fellows for Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Company, along with super-size unions including the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Communications Workers of America, the Teamsters, the AFL/CIO, and the Auto Workers of America. Each program appeals to a specific needs at all levels of an organization's work-force from the top management to entry level employees. Our programs are custom designed, unique one of kind to fit the organization and its needs.

Exit Training Modules

For example, Exit Training Modules are designed for firms whose employees are impacted by workforce reductions including furloughs, involuntary early retirement and/or downsizing. These programs offer life preservers and safety nets for an affected individuals personal financial survival regardless of their former position in a sponsoring organization. Learning begins with how to cope with being displaced (a life altering event) and how to take advantage of the new freedom. This training is especially suited for official government agencies, public and private companies, non profits and NGO's as well. 


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